Missing seat mechanism cover

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Missing seat mechanism cover

Post by spl23 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:57 pm

I noticed something weird today...

There is a plastic cover over a part of the seat mechanism on the driver's side of my car which is missing on the passenger side. Given its location and size, there's no way it can have come out of the passenger seat, so it must not have been fitted at the factory. Look at the photos below - this is down on the outside of the seat, where the back joins the base next to the seatbelt mounting point. (These are electric sports seats with heating, in case that makes any difference.)

Images on Imgur:


Note that on the driver's side (the second picture), there is a black plastic cover over the mechanism joining the backrest to the base, while on the passenger side (the first picture) you can see the seat rail and bolt mounting it - the equivalent bolt is just visible under the bottom left edge of the cover on the driver's side.

RealOEM doesn't seem to show this cover, so it is presumably part of the mechanism. Has anyone else only got the cover on one side?
2015 F20 LCI 125i

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