Twitchy at speed.

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Re: Twitchy at speed.

Post by GiantPete » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:08 pm

Swervin_Mervin wrote:
Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:00 pm
Has anyone actually been nerd enough to check out RealOEM and find out if there's much in the way of chassis differences between the M135/140/M235/240 and the lower models such as the 125i?

Having looked in detail at E9x gen models (when ordering all new chassis bits for mine) I didn't find much if any difference between moels, albeit there was no M-lite E9x models.

I can't believe there'd be much difference tbh between the F2x/4x models either. What I could believe is there might be different adaptive suspension parameters to account for the increased weight of the 6cyl vs 4cyl.
I did have a look at RealOEM. From memory the Part numbers for the dampers and springs for the (non adaptive) M sport plus pack upgrade (blue brembos and uprated shocks) that you can get for all the m sport trim sub m-lite models (up to 230i) are all the same (i.e whether you have a 218i or 230i or a diesel) but different to the (non-adaptive) dampers and shocks on the m-lites. So would guess that the suspension tune is a bit softer than the m-lites. I certainly find my 230 is fantastic on bumpy and undulating b roads.

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