How much to replace DME (Digital Motor Electronics) & breather pipe?

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How much to replace DME (Digital Motor Electronics) & breather pipe?

Post by slikt » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:45 pm

My 2012 118i auto with 58k miles is currently with the local Stealers.

The car was a non starter and had to be towed in to my local BMW.

After initially getting me to agree for them to bill me for 2 hours diagnosis because they couldn't figure out the fault within the usual 1st hour, they have advised that the issue with the car is faulty DME which means Digital Motor Electronics according to Google search and a faulty breather pipe. Total quote to replace both faulty items plus labour is £1,727 (inclusive of VAT).

Is this a reasonable quote?

Also does their diagnosis match the symptoms of the car being a non starter, engine ticks and wants to start but doesn't turn over, gear lever was stuck in park and wouldn't change to neutral or drive. And the last time that the car was driven, it came up with drivetrain error and it was vibrating and very noisey.

The last thing that I want is to fork out £1.7k and still be experiencing the same issues afterwards.

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