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Android screens

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:22 pm
by Tom792
Hi guys
I'm looking for abit of advice, im wanting to buy an android screen for my F22, however all the unit made for the F22 are running android 4.4 and only have 1gb if ram and i am wanting a unit running android 7.1 with 2gb of ram. There are loads of units running 7.1 with 2gb but are advertised for the F20, F21 and F23. I was under the impression that the 1 series and 2 series use the same oem screen, so why would a unit made for the 1 series and 2 series convertible not be listed for the 2 series coupe as well.

Does anyone know if a screen made for the F20,F21 and F23 will fit in the F22?