BMW 2012 116D Sport Clutch Issue

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BMW 2012 116D Sport Clutch Issue

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I have a 2012 116D, for the past 2 years or so when I press the clutch in to start the car there is a really prominent vibration which is very loud when the clutch is pressed all the way in, when I drive the car it’s absolutely fine unless you press the clutch to the floor when the noise/vibration returns, as I don’t press clutch to the floor when driving I have put up with the issue as I only really notice it when starting the car.

Over the past few weeks my car is now sometimes taking 2/3 attempts to start and when it does start the vibration is a lot worse, again though once started the car drives fine unless I was to press clutch all the way to the floor when the vibration will return.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it may be ?
I am hoping to part ex or sell the car as I don’t really require it but obviously as the issue is really prominent when starting I don’t think I’d get much joy in off loading it.

Thanks in advance for your help 👍🏻

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