Buying a new car?

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Buying a new car?

Post by JayOne » Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:30 pm

Hi all,

We have the perfect package for those that are buying a new car and want to ensure that its perfect and well protected.

New Car Preparation Detail

New vehicles are rarely delivered with a high quality finish and adequate protection and often leave the factory production line with polishing holograms. Whilst in storage and during transportation to the dealership exterior surfaces are subjected to various contaminants such as bird droppings which will etch the paintwork. More damage is usually inflicted when the dealership gives the vehicle a quick wash with a dirty sponge and dried with a water blade or chamois inflicting fine scratches and marring.

Most dealership's offer poor quality protection packages (Supaguard, Diamondbrite, Autoglym Lifeshine and Gard X to name a few) that cost £300+ with bold claims that the protection will last for many years which seems convenient but it simply doesn’t represent value for money. These packages are often applied incorrectly and over poor paint finishes.

In most dealerships the valeters are given minimal time and little training in how to prepare and protect your new pride and joy. The Swissvax Paint Protection Programme we offer is a much higher service and is designed to help protect your investment and offers fantastic value for money. Swissvax products are recognised and developed alongside major car manufacturers such as Bentley, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini.

Let us take on the preparation work and ensure that you receive your vehicle in perfect condition with the very best in protection. You can relax in the thought that your car will be prepared for you by professional detailer with all his time dedicated to your car only with no deadlines to meet.

Every area of your vehicle will be prepared and protected including the alloy wheels, interior and engine bay. Paintwork will undergo a multi-stage decontamination process and will receive a single stage machine with a finishing polish to increase gloss and remove any fine swirl marks or imperfections caused by the PDI process ensuring the paintwork is perfect before protecting it. Inside, the carpets and mats are protected with a fabric protectant, and leather upholstery is sealed to minimize dirt build up and dye transfer from clothes.

The work can be completed at the dealership (would have to be organized with the salesmen your dealing with) before you collect or arranged to be carried out after collection.

Price: from £250 (based on 1 series BMW)

For those looking for long term protection for paintwork and alloys we offer Nanolex (12+ months of protection) and Gtechniq (36+ months of protection) treatments at additional cost.

If interested in our "New Car Detail" give me a call on 07903-836203 or drop me a PM


Professional Car Detailing

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Re: Buying a new car?

Post by johnxl1s » Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:52 pm

sounds good

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