Confused old man in Volvo!

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Confused old man in Volvo!

Post by midlifecrisis » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:49 pm

Just needed somewhere to offload this one, so forgive me, as it probably isn't of any interest to many of you. Before you consider reading further, it's nothing revelatory, so dive out now if you don't want boring :oops:

I had just finished with a dental appointment this afternoon and decided to pop into Morrisons for some bits and bobs. Having had a scrape and polish of my gnashers, I then had to find food to begin the process of ruining them again :lol:

..... as you do!

Parked the beast and began heading towards the main entrance, when I heard an earnest voice say 'can you help me please?'

Saw a Volvo estate with a rear door open and an elderly man sitting in the offside rear seat. Very smartly dressed and quite coherent, but something told me that I perhaps shouldn't ignore it, as he seemed quite confused and distressed.

Approached him and asked him what was up. He explained to me that he had arrived in the vehicle he was sitting in, yet didn't know where the driver and his wife were and that they had left him there over half an hour ago! Further investigation unearthed the fact that they were of his age - late 70's/early 80's I'd guess, but he couldn't describe what they were wearing or much else. I told him to close the door and stay put and I would nip in to Morrisons and get them to put out a 'shout' for the car driver.

Explained to a lass on the customer service desk what I'd stumbled upon and she kindly put out a broadcast.

No response.

Returned to the Volvo, as I was genuinely quite concerned for this old boy. No sign of the driver or his wife, so assured the old boy that I was on his case and went back to the customer service desk. I was on the verge of asking Morrisons to call the police, as I was genuinely worried about why he'd been left there, if he felt he needed help.

Still no sign, so I headed back out and the car had ..... gone.

Not surprising you may say, as did I, but I have been left a little puzzled by this and the only conclusion I can reach is that the chap was suffering with memory loss, dementia or something similar, which might explain his feeling confused and distressed. Once the driver and his other half returned and they drove off, I expect he had completely forgotten about me ..... most people do on meeting me :x

I work with people who live with mental impairment and learning disability, feel I do possess compassion for my fellow man, so none of this causes me much concern really. I'm also not looking for brownie points either, although he was generous enough on my final return to him to shake my hand and thank me for helping him. I've simply been left a tiny bit bewildered about the whole incident and just hope he's okay, as I'm sure he is.

Anyone else experienced anything similar?

(Apologies to anyone who has read through this and thinks 'what a pile of pants,' which I agree it sort of is, but as I said originally, due to it playing on my mind, just wanted to offload it somewhere).

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Re: Confused old man in Volvo!

Post by Octavius » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:55 pm

He probably got the keys out of his pocket and drove away before he overstayed the two hour parking allowance.

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Re: Confused old man in Volvo!

Post by Matt » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:46 am

Good work Paul. You did all you could. You needed to leave him in the car. If he had gone but he car was still there they I might worry, but as the car had gone the driver and his wife obiviously returned in my opinion.
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