Broken Wiper

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Broken Wiper

Post by Thrash » Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:43 pm

Hi guys

I no longer have my 140 so haven't been too active on here but still lurk and read the threads as it's a good crowd!

Anyway, the windscreen wiper on my new car has broken - it doesn't look damaged and I think the recent snow and ice collected under the wiper. When I de-iced the car one morning I noticed that one wiper wasn't moving and only one of them was, I didn't think too much of it at the time and didn't use the wipers again as I didn't want to damage it further. I figured when things warmed up it would just return to normal.

This didn't happen so I moved the wiper by hand to see if it was stuck, which it wasn't but it then wouldn't return back to it's default position. I called up the Mercedes dealer and assumed it would be resolved under warranty. But apparently not, they tried some basic things but couldn't fix it so it's gonna cost me £200 for the investigation and parts/labor for whatever the fix is, I was told this could be £500 or even more depending on the issue.
I called Mercedes head office who said they thought it wouldn't be caused by ice but it's down to the retailer to say whether it's a warranty issue or not and they couldn't do anything about it. The retailer said a warranty claim would be rejected by MB because of the time of year and it being a common issue with frozen wipers and windscreens. They were reluctant to let me have the car back because of it being a safety issue, so gave me a loaner.

So, does anyone have any advice? I've had a number of cars over the years and this has never happened before, I also don't understand how they can say it's not a warranty issue before any investigation has been carried out? My car is with them now and probably won't get looked at until Tuesday, I just don't want to be stung with some huge costs when it seems like a potential warranty issue to me. I also can't now get the car back and take it elsewhere for a second opinion, it's also likely to cost me for both the first and second opinion!

Thanks in advance.
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