MP fitting guides and MPE question

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MP fitting guides and MPE question

Post by RegisRR » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:55 pm

I shall soon be taking delivery of my new M140i from TRL and will be ordering some MP bits for it, i want to fit myself as not paying BMW £150/hr! Lol
Parts im looking at are
Mp armrest
Mp handbrake
Mp gear gator
Mp steering wheel (non race display)
Are there any guides on here or online to help with fitting?

Also looking at an MPE, will again fit myself but wondering if anyone has experience in adding a mid pipe to fit the MPE? Could i buy one from say REMUS and it will fit onto the MPE?
M140i Shadow Edt MANUAL 😁 AW MP Steering Wheel MP Armrest MP Gear Gator and Handbrake BCS Non res Midpipe TPI Spacers BMS Clutch stop Carbon M3/4 Mirror caps

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