iPhone Music + Black Panel Display

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iPhone Music + Black Panel Display

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I was wondering if anyone can help with regards to playing music from your phone in the car.

I connect my phone to the car to play music. I then either use iDrive or the phone to select a playlist of album for example.

However, on the black panel display it only ever lets me see the current track being played and does not allow me to select previous or next track.

My dad used his HTC the other day to play some music in my car and the previous and next options appeared on the black panel display to allow me to skip tracks.

Then yesterday i plugged my phone via USB this time to play some music and selected a playlist from iTunes. This time for the first time on my phone i had the ability/option to choose next track on the black panel display. It wasnt even a list of songs i could just next track or go back to previous track.

My question is how do i make this happen each time i play music.

Currently with the way the car is working i have to use my phone to skip tracks or do into the iDrive and do a whole new search for a song each time a song ends.

Hope this makes sense.

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