M140i stage 1 Evolve Automotive

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M140i stage 1 Evolve Automotive

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Stevec33 wrote:All dyno’s vary and so many things can give false readings, some deliberate and some not. Ive used evolve before and there a really decent company to deal with. Also worth bearing in mind that a lot of tuners are using exactly the same software to map cars anyway, its just brought from someone else and flashed on your car. Chances are you’re getting pretty much the same thing from many different places, but your car will read different power on each dyno for whatever reason.
If the cars drives well and evolve say its all as it should be and healthy ect then don’t worry about what the dyno sheet says
Whilst they do vary, the before power at 360-365 is pretty consistent with many independent dyno figures. I’ve got to hand it to Evolve for not producing the low ball before figures many other tuners roll out to make their figures look good. Honest tuners are in short supply.

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