F20 & Carly - Parameters - Coolant Temperature

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F20 & Carly - Parameters - Coolant Temperature

Post by BFleming » Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:28 pm

Further to my recent thread re coolant temperatures, I hooked up my Carly this afternoon, started the car & got connected etc.
Using Carly I went into Parameters, and there you get a list of all the possible parameters. I was expecting to see a simple one that said 'Coolant Temperature', but no, that would be too simple. There are ones that say '98C<temperature of coolant<112C', or 'Coolant temperature<98C'. The main issue here is that both are expressed as percentages, not degrees. There's one called 'Motor Temperature' which stays blank. Oil Temperature is there, nice and simple, expressed as degrees C. Also a simple one called Coolant', expressed in degrees C, but stays blank (unreadable?).
Any ideas, before I drag out my ancient yet efficient OBD2 reader?!
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