BCS Powervalve Review 1 Month on and 2000 Miles

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Re: BCS Powervalve Review 1 Month on and 2000 Miles

Post by Arrow29 » Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:14 am

WATTS 235i wrote:How do you like the sound with the Sports Downpipe fitted?

All you need now is a JB4. ;-)
I also have a JB4 sitting here that recently arrived with a JB4 connect 8)

I've not yet had a chance to get it fitted yet..it's a bit of a crazy time at the moment for me with some work exams which will be all over in a few weeks. Going to get the DP and the JB4 fitted as soon as that's over. Will definitely post my thoughts once they're on!
EB m135i AT, oyster interior. JB4 and BCS DP on their way

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