De-badged M135i/M140i on the A55 Chester

Spotted another 1 series or 2 series, discuss here....

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De-badged M135i/M140i on the A55 Chester

Post by scov1984 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:46 am

I've seen this same silver M135i/M140i (de-badged facelift) on the A55 heading towards Chester/Wrexham, on at least 4 or 5 occasions now whilst on my way to work at around 8am.

For some reason, every time the guy gets sight of my car, he feels the need to either floor it past me, or drop down a few gears and rev the engine!? Why?! It's not friendly - it's almost like he's trying to show off.

We have the same/similar cars - I'm aware that you have a fast car. So do I.

I'm not impressed - I have the same car.

I can see/hear that you have the M Performance exhaust fitted - I don't care.

I'm aware that you might have tuned your car - I don't care.

By all means, give me a wave, but please stop with the cringeworthy 'look at me' b*llocks. Thanks!
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