Invoice / Replacement GAP Insurance - Now available for cars bought up to ONE YEAR ago!

Independently Rated 5-Star Invoice & Replacement GAP insurance at prices up to 85% LESS than from a Motor Dealer.
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Invoice / Replacement GAP Insurance - Now available for cars bought up to ONE YEAR ago!

Post by » Thu May 14, 2015 1:52 pm

We're now able to provide Invoice or Replacement GAP insurance for a vehicle that you purchased up to ONE YEAR ago (previously six months)?

We've also revised our Replacement GAP insurance policy so that it's now a combination of Finance, Invoice and Replacement GAP insurance which means that in the event of your vehicle being written off through accident, fire or theft, the policy will pay the difference between your Motor Insurance payout and the greater of either:
  • The amount outstanding on finance (if any) at the time of claim, OR
  • The original Invoice Price that you bought the vehicle for, OR
  • The cost (at the time of claim) of replacing your vehicle with one of the same Make, Model, Specification, Age and Mileage as your original vehicle was at the time you first bought it.
In a further improvement, we're now able to cover vehicles bought for up to £150,000 and provide Claim Limits (subject to the vehicle value) of up to £100,000.

If you bought a car more than 6-months ago and have since been excluded from buying either Invoice or Replacement GAP insurance, now is your chance.

Get a quote online at or call us on 01943 850999 for more details.
Invoice, Replacement & Contract Hire GAP Insurance quotes at up to 85% less than your Motor Dealer
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