MeisterR Suspension on Track Result?

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MeisterR Suspension on Track Result?

Post by meisterr » Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:15 pm

One question that are commonly asked: How does the MeisterR suspension perform on track?
As owners do throw the MeisterR coilovers into the fire pit of competition, I just want to share some of their exciting result.

Drift: A One - Two Finish

Congrats to Michael Marshall and Mark Luney; a well fought battle and great to see MeisterR in both 1st and 2nd place on the podium.

1st Place British Drift Championship (Pro Class - Round 3 - Teesside): Michael Marshall - Team MnM Engineering
2nd Place British Drift Championship (Pro Class - Round 3 - Teesside): Mark Luney - Team Lucas Oil



Drag: Setting New Records

Now mid way through the 2015 season and David Greenhalgh is setting new records along with winning the competition.
Resetting the Japanese Drag Series 1/4 mile 4-wheel drive ET record to 8.369s and the 4-wheel drive trap speed record to 166.07mph in 2015.

David’s comment on his custom drag specification MeisterR GT1 coilovers:
“Funnily enough, we also have to turn the corner at the top too! Who says no turns in drag racing...........
Last year the car was all over the place going up the strip. Check out the videos from Jap Drag Series.
This year with Meister R GT1 it's been straight as an arrow, good squat, excellent under braking and so far I've always made the corner at the top!”

1st Place Japanese Drag Series (Street Class - Round 1 - Santa Pod): David Greenhalgh - Team RIPS Blue Streak
1st Place Japanese Drag Series (Pro Class - Round 3 - Santa Pod): David Greenhalgh - Team RIPS Blue Streak


Race: Top of the Podium

Quite a few driver on the podium racing with MeisterR this season.
Most drivers are using standard off the shelf MeisterR suspension with minor changes such as springs rate.
Some are even racing the same set of suspension for a few season, a testament to the performance and durability of the coilovers.

Allister Phillips is using the new MeisterR GT1 coilovers and here is what he have to say:
“So far I am very impressed with the suspension.
I am already beating my previous years personal best lap times despite carrying 50kg+ in ballast, and I expect to improve my times further.
The car feels very planted and inspires a lot of confidence to take more speed into the corners.”

1st Place Super Lap Scotland (Class E - Round 2 / Round 3 - Knockhill): Allister Phillips - Team TrackScotland AK


1st Place BRSCC VTEC Challenge (Production Class - Round 8 - Castle Combe): Matt Le - Team Racebread


1st Place 750MC 5Club Racing MX5 Cup (Race 10 - Anglesey): James Rogers
2nd Place 750MC 5Club Racing MX5 Cup (Race 10 - Anglesey): Ben Short


Again, congrats to all the drivers for the awesome result, racing isn’t easy and that makes winning all the more satisfying.
We just want to share our heartfelt excitement with the community. :)

Jerrick / Edwin
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