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Re: M2 Competition in Evo

Post by wenklaw » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:49 am

sootyvrs wrote:
Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:42 am
Just saw a video someone posted in FB group where the CEO of BMW M Division talks about the M2 Competition at the Beijing Motor show and he confirms in the video that the below are all options and are not standard (he did not mention about any regional market differences though) -

M Seats
M 6 piston brakes
M 788 Style wheels

Plus points options that are now standard which weren't previously are -
Front parking sensors
Icon lights (I assume adaptive?)

So the base price of circa £49.2k (if correct) will need to increased to get the benefits of the above items plus you will need to add the usual options that you will want e.g. DCT, Rear camera, HK, electric seats etc... The M2 Comp could end up in the £60k region easily as I can imagine that they won't come cheap! Early buyers will probably get no to little discount too :(

I suspect it's clever marketing to keep the base price down by ommiting most of the improvements that the Competition brings to the table but allowing those with deeper pockets to tick the boxes til your hearts content...

It will be interesting to see if the above optional extras will add any value to the MGFV on PCP otherwise the costs will have to be written off over the finance period (like most of the other previous cost options previously) which may make buying this car for most on finance very expensive.. I suspect we will have to wait and see
Totally agree. The standard M2 has offered a fairly cheap way in to an M car. The M2 competition is going to cost a lot more on PCP as I can’t see the GFV being set much higher, it no doubt will be more but how much will be interesting.
Personally I believe for this to be a success we will see similar discounts/offers as current M2 deals.
But discount to much and If BMW don’t do their figures they are going to see most if not all current M2’s returned after the pcp term or even VT.

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