CAT Driver Training – Millbrook

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CAT Driver Training – Millbrook

Post by M2BPE » Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:54 pm

CAT Driver Training – Millbrook

Having done the Performance driver day at Millbrook on Saturday the 14th April I thought I would write a quick review.
I signed up to this after seeing it advertised on here so assumed it would be all BBMW’s but out of the five of us on the day there was a real variation of cars: Lotus Elise, two Porsche 911 turbos and a Mitshibushi Evo.

If you haven’t been Millbrook is a massive site with a range of different courses.....the Alpine route which we did part of is also used by them for Nurburgring training.

There were 5 events with two instructors Colin & Paul and theory in between events and during lunch - single input steering grip limit & compliance steer:

Mile straight – Braking at increasing speeds using ABS, without ABS and steering under braking.

Bowl – Aggressive lane changing with single inputs and neutral throttle then compliance steer & high speed driving up in lane 5, this was a strange experience lapping a banked circuit at 130mph+.

Handling circuit – This was my favourite event after a couple of sighting laps and a hot lap from my instructor Paul you get to attempt to put into practice what you have learnt so far and with Paul in the passenger seat constantly coaching it was really confidence inspiring!

Alpine circuit – Hairpins, Differing cambers uphill, downhill great experience.

Skid pan & time trial – This was brilliant for switching through Comfort, Sport, Sport+ & then with DSC off to see what you can do with the back end in each mode. Then the time trial for a bit of competition at the end.

It was a fantastic action packed day, lots learnt and a lot to take away but also after just 1300 miles in my M2 I was able to learn things about the car that I never would on the road or even on a standard track day, so a great way to start life with my new M car!

I can’t recommend this day enough the instructors have huge experience and are able to coach all levels of driver and to a certain extent tailor the day to your needs.

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Re: CAT Driver Training – Millbrook

Post by josheboss » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:49 pm

Sounds like a good day! Much safer to explore the limits there than on the road.

Was it good value?

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Re: CAT Driver Training – Millbrook

Post by 5678 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:06 pm

Wonder if they just do a skid pan session?
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Re: CAT Driver Training – Millbrook

Post by Mike Roberts » Fri Apr 27, 2018 9:14 pm

Yes, I've done the skidding course, it was ace.
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