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BWchiptune is the oldest and 1st BMW tuner to offer tuning to BabyBMW forum members from its earliest days when the forum started. We custom-tune BMW cars in house on our Dyno Dynamics rolling road. With over 30 years of experience on BMW’s servicing & repairs, coding & programming, EWS immobilizer removal, we are the 1st in the UK to refurbish BMW DME & DDE ECUs up to the newest cars. West London’s independent BMW specialist, UB3 1BB, call us on 02085611818 0r 07831103030

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Remap Delete BW Chiptune

Post by JohnApple »

As per another thread, the car I purchased had a Quantum tune. However this would cause the car to enter limp mode under harsh acceleration. I was advised that putting the car back to stock would eliminate this issue. Tracked down the original garage that did the remap, however when speaking to the owner, he did not come across as very knowledgeable. He did not have the original car file, and was adamant that the remap was perfect, however he could 'remap it' back to stock at a discount.

As BW Chiptune and P- Torque are highly recommended on this forum , I decided to give them both a call.

P-Torque stated that it was possible via software update, however the price was extortionate (more than TWICE the price quoted by BW Chiptune, and twice as much as other BMW specialists I called to get a ball park figure for software update).

Called BW Chiptune and spoke to Chris who was super helpful, stated that he had come across this problem before and Quantum maps are generally hit and miss. Quoted me a fantastic and very competitive price. Booked the car in and drove down on a weekday (2.5 hour journey). The guys at the garage were really nice, knew exactly what they were doing, did a software update on the ECU to wipe the remap, and no more limp mode : :D

Car drives much better and can finally accelerate without fear of entering limp mode. If I decide to remap the car or any car in the future I'll know who I'll be visiting.

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Re: Remap Delete BW Chiptune

Post by Dave2032 »

If mine wasn’t in warranty, I’d definitely be heading to BW Chiptune for a remap. The first car of mine they did was awesome!

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