2013 M135i EWG - fettled by BW Chiptune - Potted History

BWchiptune is the oldest and 1st BMW tuner to offer tuning to BabyBMW forum members from its earliest days when the forum started. We custom-tune BMW cars in house on our Dyno Dynamics rolling road. With over 30 years of experience on BMW’s servicing & repairs, coding & programming, EWS immobilizer removal, we are the 1st in the UK to refurbish BMW DME & DDE ECUs up to the newest cars. West London’s independent BMW specialist, UB3 1BB, call us on 02085611818 0r 07831103030

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2013 M135i EWG - fettled by BW Chiptune - Potted History

Post by Blind Pugh » Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:53 pm


Was back at BW recently so I though I'd put a snap shot of how my car's output has evolved c/o the team at BW Chiptune

2014 - car stock c/w MPE ie JB4 map 0 on Shell V power c/w 1st gen F series JB4 no EWG wires - red lines on the chart below 320/350 power/torque;

Green line is map 6 post BCS sport cat DP install 379/450 power/torque;
Pink/purple is a map 5 pull 369/430 power/torque;
grey line is map 4 post upgraded DP 359/420 power/torque;


2015 - Green line on the chart below - JB4 updated with EWG board, EWG wires installed and map 6 refettled with AFE drop-in and AFE airscoop 395/470 power/torque;


2016 - Red lines in the chart above - intake upgrades as per my BB thread 405/460 power/torque;

All on V power so need to go back to BW's dyno with TM99 in the tankfor map 6 re-fettle and maybe try some pulls with OB added on map 5.

Big thanks to the guys at BW Chiptune - great service, no BS and still happy to continue to recommend them.
Fettled M135i EB AT - gone but not forgotten !

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