New member, considering a 2 Series Active Tourer

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Re: New member, considering a 2 Series Active Tourer

Post by damienf45 »

I would think that your dad might be ok with a diesel doing 15 miles each day. I only do around 4 miles a few days per week and havnt had any issues other than the free egr valve (yet) after 3 years. I do, however expect to spend around £5k over the lifetime of the car due to my short run abuse ( dpf, egr, and carbon cleaning), this leaves me at a slight loss had I bought the equivilent petrol at the time. Maybe for your dad the same calculation comes out more favourable, given the cheaper cost of diesels these days?

You might ask why I bought a diesel given my driving habits.. the sad answer is I just didn't know anything about anything at the time. Bit of a mistake, but not the worst I could have made.
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Re: New member, considering a 2 Series Active Tourer

Post by MrGSS »

The search has slowed down some what, there are not many coming up for sale in price range, so we're just hanging on for now.
Have been to see a couple but they have been lemons.
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Re: New member, considering a 2 Series Active Tourer

Post by pwolski »

Might be a bit late to the party here but my mum bought a ‘16 or ‘17 (I think) 220i active tourer a few years ago. It was an ex demo. She absolutely loves it and for a family car I would definitely recommend it. I think she has the SE and speaking as a passenger it’s very comfortable and quiet.

I’m not sure whether the 2.0 is too big to avoid the emissions charge but imo the B48 is a great engine and I would definitely go for that one if possible, given the extra performance yet still incredibly good running costs. The 2.0 engine is surprisingly powerful given the look of the car and she gets late 40s/early 50s mpg on motorway journeys. If there are different driving modes, I know for a fact that’ll be in comfort mode as I’m 100% sure she will never have pressed the mode button for fear of irreversibly breaking the car, so with Eco pro you can probably squeeze a couple more mpg.

The ZF auto box is fine and very smooth - not much to say about the shark fin boxes really, they just generally work, and work well. I haven’t tried a DCT in anything lower powered than my M2, but I’m sure the newer active tourer’s DCT will be much more comfortable than in that.

Maintenance-wise, like any other BMW, if you want to keep a FBMWSH then you’re gonna have to pay over the odds for general servicing and oil changes etc. If not, it’s a solid, reliable engine that you can get serviced for relatively cheap at a good indy. Hers has had a brake fluid change and it’s first major service only recently, all at BMW. Including a minor service beforehand, she’s probably spent most of a grand on the car over five years. Reliability-wise, she’s had no issues with it whatsoever in the several years she’s owned it - a staggering feat for any BMW owner in my experience.

As a family workhorse for shopping and carting dogs and grandkids around the country, not much to say negatively really. Good luck finding a decent example.
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