bmw RETROFIT F46 towbar fitting instructions

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bmw RETROFIT F46 towbar fitting instructions

Post by Gwentvillan » Wed May 02, 2018 8:17 pm

Does anyone know how to get this off the BMW After Sales portal please ?

Also why is it so damn expensive for a main dealer fit ?

I've been quoted over £2000 fittted !!!
Tow bar - £505.01
Mounting parts - £196.01
Control unit - £120.00
Fuse carrier - £15.40
Holder - £6.95
Fuses x3 - £2.41
BDC Module - £742.32

Total - £1,588.09 WITHOUT fitting !!!

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Re: bmw RETROFIT F46 towbar fitting instructions

Post by Babaa » Thu May 03, 2018 1:03 pm

Hi there,

We are looking to get a detachable towbar retrofitted to our Active Tourer and have been quoted that same £2000 for the BMW one.

Previously on other cars though we've had a Witter one fitted and the BMW person that provided that price to my wife also winced when he did so, also though saying that on his own BMW he'd ended up just getting a Witter one fitted as much cheaper.

Am looking in to this right now and seems like around £500 - £600 for one to be fully fitted, but there is a slight difference / increase of around £100 to have a 'vehicle specific' kit fitted instead of a 'universal' kit. Not had enough time to look in to this yet, but think it is to do with the electrics and maybe the way it interacts with reverse parking sensors or something???

Either way, a lot cheaper than the BMW one.

Cheers -- Babaa
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