babybmw bumper sticker (not literally)

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babybmw bumper sticker (not literally)

Post by Simon Site Manager »

Mods, I did do a search for this, but got no results. How about a sticker that we could pay for, to identify other babybmw saddo's on the road? As a bonus, anyone who bought one (if they're reasonably priced), you would get there addresses which you could flog to marketing companies and be minted! Thinking again, perhaps you could produce them for free, get the punters addresses and flog them to marketing companies and still be minted? :idea:
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Re: babybmw bumper sticker (not literally)

Post by T333WLS »

I’m up for a sticker but not the other stuff

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Re: babybmw bumper sticker (not literally)

Post by Nyxeris »

They already exist, here's the thread, maybe Brandonclifford could weigh in with what's available?

Brandonclifford wrote:
Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:58 pm
There has been a lot of interest in the small stickers, so I will now look into getting more made
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