List of all How To's documents in PDF format

This section shows how to carry out modifications to your 1 Series. Please remember that if you are modifying your car to take photo's at each step and document the mod in here.
Please read the announcement at the top of the section before posting.

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List of all How To's documents in PDF format

Post by babybmwadmin » Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:05 pm

Folks, you wont be able to add to this post, but its a work in progress.
This section of the forum will gradually get smaller as I move all the How To's into the below, in PDF format.
This will make it easier for people who use the How To's - they can down load a copy or print it off and use it without the need of having the forum open beside you

Should you have any questions about the How To guides, please send a PM or email to the person mentioned at the top of the guide - it says "Courtesy of xxxxx"

Please note that all these files are in PDF format.
If you do not have a PDF reader, you can get a free one from Adobe

How To: access the hidden obc functions
How To: bluetooth pair a se t630
How To: create audio cd's for your 1 series
How To: getting petrol station icons on Sat Nav map
How To: remove the door panel
How To: install a Tunit box
How To: install a handsfree kit
How To: reset the MPG indicator
How To: install a Dragon Tuning box
How To: reset tyre pressure system (TPS) warning light
How To: convert a non multi function wheel to multi function
How To: Remove Front Ceiling Light
How To: Turn off DTC and stability completely
How To: Add a speed camera POI to your SatNav DVD
How To: Remove the Centre Vents
How To: Upgrade the standard speaker setup
How To: Disguise stone chips
How To: Install a Garmin Nuvi
How To: Remove badge letters on rear
How To: Install a Shark Fin Aerial
How To: Reset service indicators
How To: Add xenon white angel eyes
How To: Fit a Strut Brace
How To: Adjust xenons for driving in europe
How To: Install a flip up dash Sat Nav system Warning: Large file - 9.2mb
How To: Replacing the Automatic Gearshift Knob
How To: Changing the trim on a steering wheel
How To: Remove a door card
How To: Stop Squeaking doors and door rattles
How To: Install a shorter aerial/bee sting aerial
How To: Removing door panel - facelifted 120d M-Sport E81
How To: do an Instrument test
How To: Steering wheel removal
How To: Avoid Air bag & seat belt warning light
How To: access the rear speakers on a 5 Door
How To: Changing your brake pads - I
How To: Changing your brake pads – II (with pictures) Warning: Large file - 2.6mb
How To: Cure possible rear door squeaks
How To: Repair Rear Bumper Warning: Large file - 2.3mb
How To: Reset Service Lights and Brake Wear Sensors
How To: Install LED numberplate lights
How To: remove and refit sill finishers
How To: Add a OEM SIRIUS tuner to 135i Warning: Large file - 4.3mb
How To: Upgrade standard seats to M-sport’s with bolsters
How To: strip & repair windscreen washers Warning: Large file - 2.2mb
How To: fit a BMW Short Shift lever
How To: Fit a Towbar & Electrics
How To: Cut the engine whilst in motion in an emergency
How To: drive without your key inserted
How To: Adjust Xenon Lights for Driving Abroad
How To: remove a dent using Ding King Kit
How To: Recalibrate OBC MPG calculation
How To: Remove/replace rear seats
How To: Refurbish a BMW remote control
How to: Retrofit footwell illumination
How to: Glasses Case mod
How to: Build a Fibre glass Sub Box
How to: Change your microfilter
How to: Check which service is required next
How to: Debadge
How to: DIY fitting Dash Storage Compartment
How to: EGR restrictor
How to: Fitting an Armrest
How to: Fix your Rear Parking Sensors when pushed in
How to: Front bumper angel eyes HIDs
How to: Golf Tee Mod
How to: Install your own BMW Performance Steering Wheel
How to: Make and install ram air scoops
How to: Remove dome light module
How to: Remove unsightly trim crease mark from gear gaitor
How to: Replace round BMW boot emblem Hatchback
How to: Replacing Bonnet Alarm Sensor
How to: Reset service light
How to: Route satnav wires through the dash
How to: Tint windows
How to: Upgrade to double nozzle rear wiper
How to: Fix the fuel tank trim/flap that will not close properly (E87 Fuel Pot Spring Failure & Replacement)


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