Front parking sensor problem.

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Front parking sensor problem.

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Let me start by asking a simple question. Do sensors need to be coded in?

I’ve got an e82 with parking sensor all around and my front left was giving me the code 9E2F AND 9E37. I replaced the sensor with a used replacement and my sensors still weren’t working. I checked the pdc unit for water damage but it was dry as a bone. I then tested the connector for continuity and the signal wire wasn’t giving a result at the connector. I was planning on getting a connector and soldering it in but found a full replacement loom for £7 which was cheaper that a single connector. I plugged all the front sensors in and plugged it in to the main plug and when tested the front left sensor is still not working. All of the, make the ticking sound when switched around but for some reason my front left isn’t doing anything. Any ideas?? Sucks they all stop working for 1 out sensor

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Re: Front parking sensor problem.

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Not sure if BMW is the same or not, but when i had a sensor go on my VW Passat, the part number had to match the one you were replacing, and each one had a different number. Something to do with it having its own frequency so it doesn't interfere with a reading from the other sensors.
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