Ess supercharger for 130i

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Re: Ess supercharger for 130i

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Kubricks wrote:
Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:11 am

After living and testing with the car for a week or so, I am little unhappy with ess tuning map in particular the torque output, I decided to go for a custom remap based on the same alpha-n arrangement.

My tuner is able to extract 30 extra hp from the pure ess setup, resulting in a 300 wheel hp figure.

My tuner said the setup should be good for another 20hp if I go for Meth injection during high boost, but I am not interested at the moment. Current figure has already exceeded my expectation. :wink:
What would 300 whp equate to vs the manufacture numbers? Interested to see the gains!
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Re: Ess supercharger for 130i

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Hi, I see this is over a year old the last post but by any chance do you have any videos? Also how you getting on with it?
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