New potential BMW owner

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Re: New potential BMW owner

Post by R5_RXK »

bm_99 wrote:
Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:27 pm
people, been sitting on the fence with this but still have to get it sorted lol

At the mo im leaning towards the 120d option rather than petrol simply because of the mpg aspects or am i wrong?

considered a 125D?
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Re: New potential BMW owner

Post by Tom »

I have a 125d and do over 100 miles a day in it to work and back, just sit at 70 on the motorway and don't drive it too hard around town (I have an integra type r for that kinda thing) it's getting 59.7mpg.

Decent car to be fair, a bit dull to drive hard but great for cruising.

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