F20 Carplay?

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F20 Carplay?

Post by BennosBimmer »

It is possible to install Carplay installed to a 2014 M135i? Spotted this and wondering if it's worth going for - my previous car had Carplay and I deeply miss it. This seems excessively expensive however.

https://unique-ad.co.uk/product/carplay ... 6/#reviews

Any other suggestions would be great. Cheers.

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Re: F20 Carplay?

Post by schaeffs »

I put this into my car - an M135i LCI with Pro Nav - it works reasonably well with a few issues:

- Sometimes it doesn't switch properly between Pro Nav and Carplay (you do this by pressing and holding back for 3 seconds)
- You don't always get the reverse camera to work when going into reverse (it seems to do it about half the time)
- Its prone to random crashes about once a week and it sometimes crashes the whole Pro Nav system.

When it works it's great. Would I spend £500 on it knowing what I know - maybe.

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Re: F20 Carplay?

Post by Haldon »

Thats not worth £500. You can buy it for less than half on aliexpress.
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Re: F20 Carplay?

Post by sparkie1984 »

I’ve been thinking about how much I’d like to add CarPlay to my NBT system....

What’s the most recommended on here? And are the modules for retrofit reliable?
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