Garage doors

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Garage doors

Post by ihadablackdog » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:26 pm

I want one that comes down vertical (roller or sectional) not at an angle like an up and over.

Cant get a good seal on our current one cos the floor where it closes on is a bit of an odd shape (0mm clearance in the middle then 5-10mm as you go out from the centre)....bought one of those rubber threshold things but it won’t work due to the floor at that point. I’m thinking one that closes vertically can have a rubber strip that squashes rather than drags etc.

I agree though, up and over much cheaper but not what I want, although I might end up getting a builder to level the floor at the threshold, then the rubber thing will work.

Don’t want it powered for a car or anything, but to make it easier for Deb to open but I guess a new balanced up and over would be easier.

I need to find a new photobucket type site and I can post some diagrams cos its difficult to explain.

We keep the freezer and drier in there but also a treadmill and cross trainer and Deb wants to use them more (i’m literally too heavy for the kidding)! Trouble is, with the gap we get leaves and crap blowing under the door and i’d like to keep it clean....emptied at the weekend and washed the floor and next job is to service the treadmill - good clean and lube the deck, but want to try and stop leaves and dust etc getting in.

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