Cup 2 Tyres unavailable?

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Re: Cup 2 Tyres unavailable?

Post by OzBMR »

If they're available where you are Hankook Z221 could work 235/40/18 front and 245/40/18 rear in soft or medium compound? These are super fast tarmac tyres.
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Re: Cup 2 Tyres unavailable?

Post by Rustle »

My opinion:

Best road tyre and wet track day tyre - the bog standard PS4. Better wet grip than the ad08r (which has just changed compound and is rubbish) comfortable and so so grippy in the wet - run these on my 130i track car as my wet tyre.

Best do it all tyre - the PS4S. Run these on my Lexus ISF and they have kept it in check through winter. Surprisingly good wet grip for what is a summer performance tyre Haven’t tried them on track yet.

Cup2’s - great summer tyre and good track tyre, but sh*t in the cold and wet. These are my dry track day tyres for the 130i. We all know how good they are, but limited range over a typical Uk year. I’m going to try AR1’s next time for outright pace.

R888/R unsuitable for our cars as too heavy. Great initial grip but no longevity due to weight of the car and overheating.

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Re: Cup 2 Tyres unavailable?

Post by trebor »

RichW wrote:
Fri May 22, 2020 8:37 am
What is the obsession with Michelin tyres on the BMW cars?

Coming from the Jap scene we all ran semi-slicks such as AD08R or R888R :)
Speaking of which, I drove my Evo V for the first time since Feb yesterday, on Yoko AD08R's. Previously had a set of A048's but found those too track focused and not great in real world driving unless dry! AD08R's are the perfect tyre for the Evo.

unsure what to go for on the 140 when the Michelin's need replacing, but AD08R are in with a shout if available in the sizes required. I have a set of winter wheels so not worried about the worst weather.
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