Steering wheel position sensor issues

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Re: Steering wheel position sensor issues

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Pmd mate thanks for this help

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Re: Steering wheel position sensor issues

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jamiestevenbell wrote:
Sun Sep 13, 2020 8:01 pm
I don't have the upload to veichle button just upload to ecu?
Never process the entire car - just the ECUs that need it. If you choose process car it will always fail because NCSExpert will try to write data to modules that can't be accessed over OBD (radio, MULF etc.). You then have to go back through and unpick what you've done.

For a cruise retrofit, you only need to code the KOMBI and DSC modules (using the ExpertMode profile MrDerv sent you!).

Also, it's good practice to never write the new VO in both places (CAS and FRM) at once. Choose one which will be your 'backup' and another which will be your 'live' VO, and stick to that. I've used my CAS as backup and FRM as live, so whenever I retrofit something I exclusively make the VO changes in the FRM (and code necessary modules to default based on that). This way, if you accidentally overwrite an option in the VO, add the wrong one, change the build date and basically brick the car etc. recovery is as easy as reading the backup from your CAS and writing it to the FRM.
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