Help with INPA/DISV57/ETC

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Help with INPA/DISV57/ETC

Post by E87//120D_Tom » Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:49 pm

Hello all,
I’ve brought cable from Jimmy at cable shack and software all downloaded fine but just can’t work out how to use the software. Just all seems such a mess if I’m completely honest. I’m familiar with vag-com and use IDS regularly so not a complete dummy.
I have a n47 e87 120d and cannot get INPA old to work with it. I’ve tried copying the ipo files over, I’ve tried downloading ipo files and of course adding the script too. But just with no luck. Just get error compiling the script constantly. No issues with connecting to the car, used DIS last night to read codes.
Jimmy has advised that I use DIS, but I just found it too slow and would really like to get INPA old working.
I did have a few issues with DISV57 though, how on earth do you use the service functions, I wanted to simply just look at injector values and data log a few things from the car but didn’t know how to actually view the data.
If anyone has any guides or advice that would be much appreciated. I haven’t even opened ncs expert or tool32 yet but I know they probably won’t work without me having to change files or something. Bit frustrating but it’ll get there.
INPA new works with the car but obviously it’s mostly in German, however haven’t been able to read live data from it, I just have to keep selecting yes on a pop up for it to display. I’m in a bit of a pickle and would love to get this software running smoothly, Hopefully someone can help, also I’m in Norfolk so if anyone local uses this software that could help me.
Much appreciated.

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Re: Help with INPA/DISV57/ETC

Post by bjt » Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:34 am

Can Jimmy supply the older version of his software?
The older version just had INPA old whereas his latest software has both old and new.
You shouldn't need to mess with any files.

Drop me a PM if no luck, I think I still have the DVD with the old software.
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